I loved the entire book!

The format of the book is easy to follow. The directional arrows that guide how to form the letters helped my 4 ½-year-old son, Athen, quickly feel a sense of independence and confidence in his progression without me hovering. Athen especially liked the bright and colorful motivational and encouraging stickers. What made the stickers special was the emphasis on acknowledging the effort Athen had put forth and the progress he made. He felt good about his effort and his progress and it was satisfying to see him excited to tackle more.

Although he felt challenged at times with the book, I could see his confidence and eagerness to grow and learn. With his first page, the letter “A” reads, “Always try your best”. This was an important lesson for us to discuss because this has affected him not only with his academics but also in playing sports.

Utilizing the “Rays of Reflection” discussion section in conjunction with the Positively Write! letter writing pages, served as a powerful platform to openly discuss and explore important topics like this which have personally affected us. My hope for Athen is for him to feel he can meet his academic challenges with a sense of excitement, openness, and eagerness to stretch himself, even when he experiences less optimal outcomes.

For me, Positively Write! helped highlight to my son that his academic potential is not defined by his past performance or his current ability. His ability is not fixed. He can grow and improve through focused effort, patience, and an open mind to find learning strategies that support him to work through challenges. The other statements within Positively Write! have also resonated with me and Athen and I believe they have encouraged his social and emotional learning.

Thank you Inspire & Create!

– Jennifer O.

As a member of a non-profit organization in Silicon Valley, I Co-Chair a program called Steps for Success.  Our mission is to provide new athletic shoes for children in need in the Santa Clara Unified School District, “enabling these children to put their best foot forward in school and at play.”

Steps for Success also provides other essential tools such as brand new books to help support and nurture the students’ literacy, and asks parents to commit to spending time reading together each day.

We are proud to have partnered with Inspire & Create and crafted a fun activity for the kids during the program. We designed bookmarks using original artwork and inspirational statements from Positively Write! This was a perfect way to get the kids excited for reading while providing encouraging and motivating statements for them to practice writing.

With volunteers from the Santa Clara Library Friends Foundation and High School “Interactors” (Interact is a High School service club sponsored by Rotary), the children explored the deeper meaning of statements such as “Dare to dream big”, “Always try your best”, “Choose a positive attitude” and “Learning brings joy.”

Positively Write! is a fun, creative and interactive way to empower the children to further their academic, social and emotional learning – one step at a time on this journey!

– Kelly Y.