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How is Positively Write! different from other ABC practice writing tools?

Words have power. They significantly impact our children’s self-confidence and their learning experience. Positively Write! is a fun, creative and interactive writing workbook formatted to help your learner read and write the ABCs utilizing positive and inspirational messaging.

Positively Write! is a learning tool to enhance your child’s writing skills, while also helping to develop a positive mindset, build character, cultivate self-confidence, and encourage academic, social and emotional growth.

By empowering their communication and engaging their intellectual curiosity, Positively Write! encourages our young scholars to develop a love of learning that continues throughout life!

Positively Write consists of 26 easy to follow ABC letter tracing pages, 30 colorful stickers to acknowledge your child’s effort and progress, and an interactive “Rays of Reflection” discussion guide for parents and educators to create a meaningful dialogue with their learner and enhance their communication skills.

At what age can my child begin to use Positively Write!?

We have found that most children begin to develop the fine motor skills needed to complete the Positively Write! exercises somewhere around age four. Some children are able to begin earlier, and others may need more time, especially if learning English as a second language.

Is Positively Write! better suited for in-classroom or at-home learning?

Positively Write! is great for both in-classroom and at-home learning, and has been designed with both environments in mind. The combination of hands-on exercises and thoughtful discussion guides provide a powerful learning experience, whether in a group or one-on-one setting.

We are actively working on recruiting educational partners to include Positively Write! in their kindergarten and first-grade curriculums. Some educational partners are using Positively Write! as part of a structured lesson plan. Others are using Positively Write! as a part of supplemental, individualized learning.

Contact us if you are interested in becoming an educational partner.

We’ve also tried hard to make Positively Write! fun and easy for at-home learning. Children typically need guidance with the first exercise and become increasingly self-sufficient as they gain confidence. After each exercise is completed, we recommend that parents use the “Rays of Reflection” discussion guide to explore the deeper meaning of the statements.

We find that the exercises and discussions take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes, depending upon the unique learning speed of each child.

How are the stickers utilized in Positively Write!?

A page of 30 fun and colorful stickers is included with Positively Write! We recommend that after each exercise is completed and prior to discussion the child be given the opportunity to pick a sticker for that page, indicating that the exercise is complete. This helps to acknowledge the progress they’re making, the effort they are putting forth, and their commitment to the process of learning.

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