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What makes a great positive educator?

Helping our children address their academic growth and emotional-social learning together creates an opportunity to flourish. A positive educator can make a significant impact with this development. Source: What makes a great positive educator?

Positive Mindset May Prime Students’ Brains for Math – Education Week

“Developing a positive “growth mindset” helps our children work through the challenges of learning. This is very, very exciting,” said Carol Dweck, the Stanford psychologist who first coined the terms “growth” and “fixed” mindsets, but who was not involved with Chen’s study. “We’ve typically asked how does [mindset] affect students’ willingness to take on challenges […]

How Showing and Telling Kids ‘I Believe in You’ Can Empower Them at School | MindShift | KQED News

The power of words can encourage, empower and motivate. This article discusses a study that shows the power of communicating the belief in a student’s ability to persevere and work through the challenges. The goal is “emphasize the power of teachers’ words and the beliefs they hold about students, and to encourage teachers to instill […]